An assorted collection of awesome

Self Mixing Travel Mug

Chef buddy auto mixing travel mug with tornado action

Because, why dirty up your spoons? This thing is great for everything from coffee to mixed drinks!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


A portable bluetooth speaker you can take with you everywhere you go: parties, the beach, or even the shower. Plus it sounds amazing.

Pocket Projector

Brookstone pocket projector pro

For the price of a small TV, you can have a huge 50 inch display. Use this thing to project onto your white walls or the back of your shades. Everyone will be showing up to your room for movie night.

Modular Corner Bean Bag

Comfort research big joe zip modular corner bean bag lounger

Throw this in the corner for an afternoon nap, or combine 2 to make a bean bag love seat.

The Ostrich Pillow

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Bury your head in the sand with this pillow designed to make you look like a fool. A very comfortable fool.

Chip Bag Re-Sealer

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Keep your Cheetoes fresh with the easy bag Re-Sealers. I mean, your not animals, so stop eating stale Cheetoes.

Sunscreen Flask

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If you like day drinking, there is no better way to smuggle your booze into a concert, pool party, or sporting event than with this sunscreen flask. Just don't get it mixed up with the real stuff.

Flexible Surge Protector

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Filling up a power strip used to be worst than a game of Tetris. Reclaim your outlets with Pivot Power, a flexible surge-protecting power strip that bends to fit every sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet. That means no more plug traffic jams or blocked outlets—even those big ol’ power bricks are welcome.

Adjustable Desk

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From a standing desk to a lap desk, this thing is the transformers of desk accessories. You can even flip it upside down and type on your back.

Speaker with Light Effects

Black diamond 3 review

Not only does this compact speaker pack great sound in a small package, it also puts on an amazing light show. You can program this thig to produce any combination of colors you want. It will even simulate the sunrise and wake you gently out of your party induced coma.

Color Changing Light Bulb

Lumenbulb 6

Go from study mode to party mode in no time with just a few of these bulbs.

Removable Brick Wallpaper

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Looking for a way to add some abandoned factory flair to the standard prison cell dorm walls? Well, look no further. This removable wallpaper clings to your cell or dorm wall and transforms it into a proper Boston brownstone in no time.

Iphone Boombox

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What is cooler than a throwback '80s boom box wrapped around your Iphone? Probably very few things, thats what. Throw in the phone, dial in some Beasty Boys, and go start some spontaneous break dance sessions with this bad boy.

Paper Bag Koozie

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Conceal your adult beverage with style! No one will suspect you are throwing back a brew, and you can keep it cold. Plus you can get that hobo look that is so hot right now.

Power Bed Riser

Screenshot from 2013 07 15 105433

You can never have too many outlets in you dorm room, so you should try to put those things wherever you can stick them. How else are you going to run a whole city worth of electricity through your string lamps and shit. This is so full of win, your roommate will immediately recognize you as a fucking genius.

Furry Bean Bag


This thing looks really comfortable. Who does not want to end a day of class in a ball of fur?

Privacy Pop Bed Tent


If you have experienced living with a rando roomate to appreciate the true freedom this little bunk cocoon provides. Want to get away? Zip it up and pretend they don't exist.

Hangover Sweatshirt

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We've all been there, some more than others. The last thing you want to do is talk to someone when you are hung over, let this sweater do the talking for you.