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The Book of Horrible Questions: Everyone Has a Price-What's Yours?

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Smith and Doe, the anonymous authors of What Men Don't Want Women to Know, are at it again! This time they explore the vulgar, absurd, and uncivilized facets of temptation and ask: just how sick and twisted are your personal ethics?

For one million dollars, would you eat a human foot (with the bone removed)?

If nobody ever knew, would you have wild sex with your teenage baby-sitter?

For $7.5 million, would you allow your mate to be kidnapped and held prisoner for one year with only the most basic amenities (no physical or sexual harm will come to them)?

If you had to pick one, would you rather have your child born with a genetic birth defect that causes one of his legs to be half the size of the other, or have your child born in perfect health, but twenty other children will be born with the defect?

For $12,500, would you take a bite out of the urinal puck in a public bathroom?

Dare to answer Smith and Doe's shocking, depraved, despicable questions one will ever know.

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A Horrible Book for Horrible People (I guess that means I'm horrible)

Okay, the title pretty much sums up this review in a way. Most of the questions are truly horrific. Take this one:

$1,000,000: Dig up the grave site and such the marrow out of one of the dead person's bones. (Smith or Doe must witness the sucking and confirm the bone is empty -- only then will the money be wired into your account)

I wouldn't do it for $10 million. Yet 8% of the respondents did, indeed, say yes. There's only one question in the book that NOBODY said yes to. Just one. Imagine it, for I won't spoil it here. There are some with SHOCKINGLY high percentages (well above 80%) and some of the jot of this book comes from actually seeing what people will do for a buck (or million).

It's a great mental exercise book and you can learn a great deal about your friends. In fact, more than you'd like to know.

Truly horrible - and not in a good way

This book is beyond horrible. I enjoy the sick and twisted as much as the next gal, but this book goes way too far. Bad enough are the questions about putting puppies in a trash compactor (apparently money trumps compassion - a fact that pretty much breaks my heart), but the whole section on explicit sexual acts with family members is so far across the line, you can't even see the line any more. It is really just offensive and disgusting, and absolutely not ok for anyone who has been the victim of, or worked with the victims of, sexual abuse. Or, really, any person who thinks that even contemplating such vile and inappropriate acts is quite simply wrong. I do not see how any person with a modicum of kindness, compassion, and decency would not find this book truly offensive.

How twisted are you?

If you are into dark comedy and the macabre, appreciate twisted, foul humor sometimes considered obscene (along the lines of South Park, George Carlin, Drawn Together, Wonder Showzen, Howard Stern and others), you'll probably have fun pondering some of these hypothetical questions disguised as moral dilemmas.
Yes, there is something for everyone, levels of depravity that surely will tickle any individual's icky bone, no matter their "thing." Some may need to look away from certain pages not wanting to see sentences whose outcomes are too gross to even comprehend.
It's like "Would You Rather" for an underground freak society.
But how many times can you read a question and think over possibilities that'll never happen before it's passe'?
Maybe a couple times at a few gatherings, max, then it's old.
Good for some gross-outs and guffaws, then sell it to someone else.