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Jigger, 2 oz x 1 oz

Micro Bead Therapy Pillow with Cover

List Price: $1.70
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Product Description

Resistant to all acids and fruit juices. Capacity in ounces stamped on each jigger. Uniformity assured in mixed drinks. Rolled edges, highly lustrous, satin finish inside, bright outside.

Product Reviews

Average Rating: 4 Star Rating!
Number of Reviews: 9


First jigger I've ever owned. I love it, its everything I could ask for in a jigger. Best jigger in the world, highly recommended. Go Jigger!

serves it's purpose well

It bugs me that the two halves are glued a little off center, but it works well and doesn't drip down the side.

Cheaply made but Ok

It's kind of cheaply made and seemed a little expensive for $6 but it does the job.