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Jigger, 2 oz x 1 oz

Micro Bead Therapy Pillow with Cover

List Price: $1.70
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Jiggers Stainless Steel This Jigger Has All Stainless Steel Construction And Comes With Dual Measure Design. Size: 1 Oz and 2 Oz

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Average Rating: 4 Star Rating!
Number of Reviews: 9


First jigger I've ever owned. I love it, its everything I could ask for in a jigger. Best jigger in the world, highly recommended. Go Jigger!

serves it's purpose well

It bugs me that the two halves are glued a little off center, but it works well and doesn't drip down the side.

Cheaply made but Ok

It's kind of cheaply made and seemed a little expensive for $6 but it does the job.